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A well thought-through approach at a young age gives a head start to long term success.The independent choices students make from high school onwards start to shape their future

Helping young adults build their individual brand by exploring their strengths, understanding their abilities and developing life skills ensures that they become happy, well adjusted and confident of adding value to whatever field they choose.

Our focus is a combination of guiding them make the right academic/career choices and building effective life skills.

Who Will It Benefit

Individual Sessions and Group Workshops Designed for:

  • 1. High School students
  • 2. University Undergraduates
  • 3. University Graduates
  • 4. Parents / Guardians

If you belong to any category above, or are in a position to influence young adults, these programs will be highly valuable to you.

How Will It Benefit You

The right choices and skills are critical.

We substantiate the work school counsellors do by guiding college essays, clarifying thought, honing traits that will help in life like creative writing, interviewing skills, financial management, social and emotional adjustment and the life skills to manage day to day practicalities which will lead to happily employed young adults.

Our Workshops build skills for -


1. Counselling for University preparedness (Suitable for high school grade 10 onwards)

  • Distilling the academic focus
  • Essay Writing skills
  • Life skills and managing practicalities
  • Social and emotional adjustment
  • Interviewing skills

2. Enhance value of student university years (Suitable for Grade 12 and university undergraduates)

  • Building your Personal Brand
  • Resilience & Grit
  • Social , Emotional & Physical well being
  • Building relationships
  • Finding Your True North

3. Improve Employability skills (Suitable for High school students, undergrads, and graduates)

  • Professional Writing skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Building your personal brand
  • Relationship management
  • Finding Your True North

1. How to guide and enable young adults